Advertising the flexible way

Our distinctive approach

Unlike regular sellers of screens and peripherals, MovingMessage approaches each challenge as a unique opportunity to make innovation a reality. Even though we can offer a wide range of screen solutions from the shelf, we rather understand your specific needs thoroughly, conduct research, and deliver to expectation. With this distinctive approach we bring additional value to the market and develop your solution tailor-made.

MovingMessage has obtained the confidence from a number of high quality screen & player manufacturers, which has resulted in sole distributer rights of their products. However, as a fully independent company we will look for the best match between available products and client demand.

In addition to delivering you the product solution, we can manage your screens content on a “pay per use” basis. On the spot or remote through our players.




Digital screens, being those videowall, LCD or (O)LED consoles, more and more are being brought to the market in a wide range of varieties. Those screens however, exemplary are being developed for indoor usage. As with many new products, there was a huge consumer demand for indoor displays that drove the development of indoor screens. They just had to be altered for commercial use. There hardly has been consumer demand for outdoor displays so the demand has not been high enough to drive development, keeping many of the large screen manufacturers out of the market.

We started our outdoor solutions from a market question to develop legally allowed screens deployment in transportation. This challenge requires screens and peripherals development at a very high standard, bearing in mind demands like waterproof and shock absorption as well as far more strict agreements with governments. In the interest of bringing theory into practice, MovingMessage has undertaken this long road to approval canals of screens usage on the road and we are currently piloting these solutions with our market partners and the authorities.

On the spot

For standalone screens outside at e.g. petrol stations, on shop walls or other places, we offer a variety of consoles suitable for outdoor signage. Since these kind of needs by default require a tailor made solution, we advise about and select with you the appropriate screens based upon your demand.

On the move

On trucks, trailers and public transportation vehicles, trains and undergrounds included, we offer signage possibilities with outdoor led screens. These type of screens are waterproof, shock proof and ultralight. We could make all power need possible even through making use of solar panels on the vehicles.



The development of indoor digital signage was much easier and quicker because we did not have to deal with the harsh outdoor environment. Today all well known videowall, LCD and (O)LED screens names in the market, next to an increasing number of manufacturers from upcoming markets, produce a wide variety of solutions to show your messages on again an increasing way (and in many types) of consoles.

The offer is that huge that one could speak of “the trees cannot see the forest.” Having said, to match your demands with the right solution you would need a specialist to come up with the right product. Knowledge about aspects like pixel density, brightness, transparency, viewing distance and view angle and also frame frequency, data refresh and many more characteristics need to be taken into account, when selecting what products and peripherals best accommodate your comfort. MovingMessage over the past years has thoroughly been following the emerging developments. Distinguishing what products qualify for your needs, has become our specialism.

On shop

Digital technology is rapidly innovating every aspect of the retail industry, and in doing so, the gap between online and offline shopping is becoming narrower.

Colorful and even moving images on your (indoor) walls, behind the window or above the entrance of your shop, are a great way to not only recommend the latest sales, but moreover to enter with your messages into the perception of your customers. To tease and to seduce clients into your shop for more experience.

Through making use of high quality, flexible content changing screens, we could augment your shop attractiveness in order for you to become a more appealing shop for your customers to visit and to ultimately gain better sales results.

In shop

Despite 76 percent of purchase decisions (and 60 percent of brand 'switch' decisions) being made impulsively at the shelf-edge, the power of the shelf-edge as a premium marketing tool can sometimes be underestimated.

Traditionally, static shelf-edges with paper-printed labels have been used only to fulfill one purpose – to inform customers of the price of goods.

Fresh technologies such as electronic shelf-edge displays can be used not only to provide vital information, but also to provide a valuable, personalized and truly seamless experience for shoppers.

We provide the consoles to play the information. Together with you, your advertisers or your advertisement agency, we organize your life feed messages. Content control, soft- and hardware maintenance are part of the deal.

Tailor-made solutions
for your message

Try us now... if you dare

So in a nutshell MovingMessage delivers:

- Digital ultra light robust screens
- All kinds of shapes and sizes
- Indoor and Outdoor proof
- Associated hardware and software
- Technical construction support
- Installation, maintenance, repair
- Content media control
- Advertisement management
- Legal & regulatory terms alignment
- Product and brand independent
- On top of new developments
- Once off or SLA priced
- High value for small money

Your allegedly impossible demand forms our challenge. We deliver tailor-made to your comfort.

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